Patch V1.0.1

Hello everyone!

Over the weekend, we received some reports of certain playback screens and text line issues, so our programmer has released a patch to fix the issues!  Link:

Here is what's included in the patch:

1) Fixed Chapter 3 renpy rollback page.
2) Small text edits.
3) Kokorogawari PC Wallpaper 

Yes, you saw #3 right! We have decided to give out our PC wallpaper to all buyers of our game on Steam and who purchased the game after our launch. Downloading this patch will give you access to it in your game folder :)

We at Precatio hope that you are enjoying playing Kokorogawari!

Do leave us a review if you liked the game, or even tweet about it with the tag #kokorogawari!

Enjoy the trip! (And the feels ;w;)


Kokorogawari (Game file only) 125 kB
Sep 03, 2018

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