Release date + other important updates

Hello everyone!

Team Precatio is super excited to announce that the time has come for us to finally release a part of our game!

We have a few updates for everyone that we hope to have your opinions on, so please do give us feedback by commenting below, or Twitter/email!

1) Release date, beta, platform and routes 

As previously mentioned, Kokorogawari will be released on Steam, where we have been greenlit. Regardless of whether you had preordered via or Kickstarter, all will be given a Steam key to download the game.

As of now, Yuuya’s bad end is still in the works (delays in the editing side occurring due to loss of manpower) so Jyuu and Haru will be focusing on scripting, directing sprites and bug testing Shin + Yuuya (w/o bad end) in July.

Beta testing dates: (For high tier backers on Kickstarter) 16th~23 July (Asia dates)

Official release: 11th August

We understand that we promised a July release… but the extra artwork and scenarios proved to take up more time than we expected, so please give us a few more days to bug test them!

Addressing Guillam’s route: 

We understand that the loss of Guillam’s route has been a disappointment to many of our backers as much as it was a heartache for us. With all the CGs already completed, the team at Precatio would also not want to give up on not publishing the mysterious foreigner of our game. So here, we have a proposal!

As all CGs have been completed and Jyuu has a general plan of the direction for Guillam’s route, we would like to recruit someone to co-write Guillam with Jyuu! This person will be replacing Laramie – writing the base line of Guillam’s route with the general outline, then looking it over with Jyuu so it fits the writing style and mood of KKG. If there is anyone interested in this role and can commit to it for the rest of 2018, please do not hesitate to drop Jyuu an email (jyuuguchi at gmail) or leave a comment in the comment section below!

We would prefer someone who has written stories before and will be happy to help without seeking payment from us as LaCal had disappeared with her share of the money, and we still owe the artists a sum for their work well done ><. We would be extremely happy if we could work with someone who simply wants to contribute to KKG’s success!

2) Preorder bonus and extra artwork

We realise that the different bonuses may have caused some confusion, so here are the bonuses broken down: preorders:

-Normal edition: 1 extra SS, short version of OP and *digital wallpaper (New!)

-Deluxe edition, 2 extra SS, KKG soundtrack, CG artbook, Artists’ artbooks and *digital wallpaper (New!) 

Kickstarter preorders:

-All backers will receive the digital wallpaper, and the rest of the bonuses will be allocated via tiers.

NOTE!! Music and special artwork pack (depending on your tier) will be sent via Steam keys as well.


Please let us know what you think of the above, and do not forget to write to Jyuu/comment if you would like to help with Guillam’s route!

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Thank you for your hard work, I am looking forward to playing the full game! I have sent you an e-mail about helping out with Guillam's route if you still needed someone.