A downloadable Kokorogawari for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Love interests:

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  1. To ensure that Kokorogawari is working properly you should have following system requirements:
    - Windows XP, Visa, 7, 8 or 10
    - Linux
    - Mac OS X 10.6 and higher
  2. Heroine sprite will show with a great variety of expressions, so always check out the sprite expressions!
  3. Original game interface designed by Sechiruu!
  4. Dictionary function!

5. Beautiful background art by Sechiruu!

outside appart SAKURA DAYofficeeveninghomehalltest5


Estimated length of game: 24~ hours.

For more information on Story, Characters, Music and CG gallery, please visit :



Kokorogawari is brought to you by an indie team, Team Precatio!

Writer/Director : Jyuuguchi

Editor/Co-writer: Laramie Castiel

Character Art, CG: Shirou Yuki

Background Art, CG and GUI : Sechiruu

BGMs : Array, Ming Yan, Ryan, Jyuuguchi

OP Music & Lyrics: Jyuuguchi

Programmer: Haru


Pre-order Now$23.00 USD or more

In order to download this Kokorogawari you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $23.00 USD. You will get access to the following files when they are released:

Standard edition
Deluxe preorder.zip if you pay $33.00 USD or more

Download demo

Kokorogawari Chapter 2 only (Win) (200 MB)
Kokorogawari Chapter 2 only (Mac) (199 MB)
Kokorogawari Chapter 2 only (Linux) (203 MB)
Chapter 1 + 2 (Win) (200 MB)
Chapter 1 + 2 (Mac) (199 MB)
Chapter 1 + 2 (Linux) (203 MB)


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Hey guys, I love everything about this visual novel, the art, tsundere heroine, male lead variety, art omg, FAMILY theme in addition to romance.

Saw on your youtube comment that the estimated release is July-August. Gosh my biggest dilemma is preordering the standard OR deluxe. I want the extra SS stories and the deluxe pack sounds nice but I have never paid more than $30 USD for any visual novel esp not less than 40 hours gameplay. I will have to save up first ($35 USD will be $45ish AUD) and pre-order asap!

Hey Vtran!

Thank you for your lovely comments, I'm very happy to know that Kokorogawari has caught your interest!

We would definitely recommend anyone to get the deluxe version as it contains the artbook of the artists' CGs and unreleased sketches, the beautiful soundtrack painstakingly composed by our artists and of course, the secret SS stories! :D

If it helps however, we are currently having a Greenlight on Steam to help us get onto the Steam store. There will be download packs (of course, more expensive) that one can purchase at any time. So please think about which platform you would prefer buying from!

In the meantime, please help to vote for Kokorogawari on Steam!! :D


Thanks for the quick reply!

Considering the amount of work and art that went into this I will def preorder the deluxe version!

I have already voted yes on Steam to green light the visual novel. I'm shocked that more people haven't come across this beautiful visual novel.

Will I get a steam key if i preorder this or what?

Does this give volume 1/2 and will there be later updates?

yes all buyers will get a steam key.

The demo covers chapter 1 and 2 only. We will not be releasing any more demos.

I have steam and have purchased 3 visual novels but don't like the fact that I have to play with Steam running.

Just wondering if instead of a steam key it would be possible for us to download directly from itch once it has been released? So much more flexible in terms of gameplay and convenience.

that's great!^^


I keep getting an error when I attempt to run the updated demos :/

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Hi sorry to hear that. However, we checked our files and we are able to run them.

Specifically, what error do you get?

Even though the execution file is in the folder, I get an error saying "Could not execute C:\....\Kokorogawari-chapter2only-v1.0-win\lib\windows-i686\Kokorogawari Chapter 2 only- Version 1.0.exe. Is it missing?" The same error still pops up when I try it out on another computer and even when I try it using compatibility mode. I've tried accessing the Mac version of the demo using a MacBook as well with my settings set to "Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere", but the application still fails to load.

Hey try to redownload and execute the. Exe file only !

It works now :D Thanks :)

So I have a question on the contents of preordering:

Three additional SS stories are mentioned. Could you briefly explain what "SS stories" are? Is it some kind of otoge lingo? o.O?


(Sorry if this is a stupid question... I'm sure it's something obvious... ^^;)

(Edited 2 times)

Hello mshen,

We're very sorry for the late response and it's not a stupid question at all!

"SS" stands for "short story". It isn't exclusively otome-ge lingo, but short stories are a common type of store-specific bonus item when purchasing otome games in Japan. These "SS" focus on a scenario often involving the protagonist and one of the love interests.

In Kokorogawari's case, there will be one short story per love interest- so one "set" will have 3 short stories each; 1x Asami x Shinichi, 1x Asami x Yuuya and 1x Asami x Guillam). The pre-order set and the deluxe edition set contain different stories so those who pre-order the deluxe edition set will actually be getting 6 different stories; 2x per couple. =)

Please feel free to ask us any other questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest in Kokorogawari!

~ Laramie

Is the game fully released yet? :) It looks beautiful!


it is not released yet but you may preorder now to enjoy discounts and preorder bonuses :) the demo game is also out


I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but do you guys plan to release the game on Steam? Because I really hope to be able to have it in my library.


Hi Nobume,

My apologies for the late reply. Yes, we do plan to release the game on steam sometime in December or January 2017.

We hope you enjoyed the trial :)